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02-22-2017, 06:20 PM
Hello guys and fighters!

Im here trying to get a group for For Honor of new players of the game like me that like to play together, cooperate, have fun and make online friends!

Friends call me Delfín, nice to meet you if you are reading me, here I go:

- What I want exactly is to find good people to become friends to play for a long time through the months For Honor together, to have fun and become good friends each other. I have no friends that play For Honor yet and Im going to be playing this game for a long long time, so I want to create a little clan/small group for Playstation4 platform, here in the forum and as a PlayStation Community too, it would be awesome if we get to be like 6 or 7 for example and we add each other to friends and play a lot together, campaign and multiplayer in our free time. Im sure you would love it too!-

About me? Im a swiss universitary Sciences student, I speak many languages (Im lucky, my parents used to travel a lot) like english or spanish, so preferable we would talk in english in our little clan. I will create the community in Playstation so everyone can join there too, but first we should talk here about a name for the clan :) In For Honor betas, I was a Kensei, and I have to say I became really good, but now since two days ago that Im playing the game (I couldnt buy it before) and thanks to the story campaign, Im loving the Orochi. I never used any other character but I plan to spend with you a lot of time playing this game, so I hope I can be cool with most of the chars!

>REQUIREMENTS (3): Being 15-35 years old (so you have some time for gaming at least) and mature, have microphone to communicate at least sometimes (its okay if you cant talk always, but use messages in playstation too) and being active the days of the week that you can play so we can regroup to start games together :)
>HOW TO JOIN: Leave a message here with what you think, and tell me that you want to join. That or write me in PlayStation Network, my username is the same than here ;)
>WHAT I GIVE YOU :D: I promise we will have a lot of fun together when you have free time to play and you will make good For Honor friends!

If you are new in For Honor or if you dont like to play alone videogames like I do, then message me here in this chat or in PSN at the PS4. We have to get a name for our group so I can make the PSN Community and then we all regroup there and use that community forum board.


Delfín the cool Samurai :cool:

02-23-2017, 09:42 AM
Updating after 12 hours: We are 3 friends now and the clan is made through a PlayStation Network Community! Find us and send a request if you want to be one of us! Our goal is to become a crew of 7 excellent friends cooperative well-organized warriors!

PSN Community: Way of the Black Dragon

Be one of us if you want to be part of this proyect, send a message here or a request to the PSN Community! :)

02-23-2017, 09:54 PM
I play as Kensei, rep 2, with over 60% W/L in all modes. PSN: Stunys

02-24-2017, 11:27 AM
I play as Kensei, rep 2, with over 60% W/L in all modes. PSN: Stunys

Stun, I have sent you a friend request, you have to accept it and send a request over tha Playstation Community Way of the Black Dragon so you become one of us.

BUMPING THIS THREAD TOO! Join us guys! You are more than welcome if you are mature, want to play well organized and reading this :D

02-28-2017, 05:56 PM
I mainly play as Orochi and I would say I'm a little above average at the game. Nothing amazing but I can definitely hold my own. I'm looking for a group that can communicate so that the team is on the same page. I'm on the west coast in the U.S. Please send me a PSN friend request at Shanesays5

03-03-2017, 12:29 AM
I play as a Knight (Warden or The Lawbringer) which i started on few days ago, im a kinda average but again depends on my team because i almost win every brawl matches so far (Yeah i am that awesome) but i still learning the characters moves, i am from UK and i be quiet when it comes to late nights in my area unless its in the mornings or afternoons then i can be as loud as ever.
PSN - Dread Chemical

11-11-2018, 01:01 AM
Hello. Im playing that game frequently. Almost every day and ım good and getting more better.
I would like to little chit-chat while playing with the people whose nice and polite. Im also trying to improve my language. Therefore whoever wants to play I'm here

Psn is the same. Pattis27