View Full Version : Revenge mode tweaks.

02-22-2017, 04:43 PM
Revenge mode as it stands is a cancer to this game. People are specing for it and relying on it and its making the game not fun pvp wise because of it. Therefore, i have come up with some ideas to make it so that revenge mode is still useful but not a crutch to abuse.

1. Add a cooldown time.

This seems like the most simple solution to me. After revenge mode ends add a 10-15 second cooldown time that would be required so it cant be spammed. Too many times have i seen a person get bumped while 2 different fights are going on, get revenge mode, kill opponent, then go on to fight the other guy and go right BACK into revenge mode in a 1v1 fight.
You got your revenge, congrats. You shouldnt have it if youre not being outnumbered...speaking of.

2. Change the acquisition of revenge mode.

A little trickier coding-wise i suspect but still doable. Change it so that revenge mode is only acquired by other people hitting you, not the person you're locked on to.Or if theres only one person around (in case they try to get it by not being locked on). If you REALLY want it for 1v1's make it so that you only get it if the person killed you a bunch so it makes sense to -oh i dont know- get REVENGE. Also the revenge rate should be faster if theres more people hitting you. If its a 1v3 situation the meter should skyrocket. This should make people more keen to not jump people and bring a little honor back.

3. Change the gear stats.

If people want to build into revenge mode, make it so that they can gather it more frequently but not so frequent as to stack it. I say change "revenge gain on injury" to "revenge cooldown" so that they can get into it faster than most, but not stay in it constantly. like a five second cooldown time before gathering revenge again should be the max amt of cooldown you should be able to get. This should keep it viable and not as broken. Could be either revenge on block or revenge on injury, but one of them gotta go.

Anyway those are my suggestions to make revenge mode more balanced. What do you all think?