View Full Version : On the offchance Ubi reads this

02-22-2017, 04:21 PM
P2P networking, regardless of how fancy it is in theory, does not work in this game. Maybe you thought this system works alright, after having it tested in a closed testing environment in your own offices but it certainly is driving away the majority of the current playerbase, myself included.
To summarise my experience in the game, during my two hour trial period from steam I had odd framerate issues, multiple crashes and a whole host of internet connectivity issues.
During online play (including matchmaking) there was an error every third minute that would either pause the game or take me to the main menu.
This is beyond insane and I cannot believe you have not opted for dedicated servers... and a word on that. You are selling a AAA title with a full pricetag with an expensive season pass when the future content will be free regardless. Yet you have a microtransaction system in place. WHY?? If this extra money is not going for maintaining servers, it goes on zilch and you're just milking customers for every penny before they get frustrated with the issues in the game. I feel ripped off and betrayed, and so do many.

For honor seemed like a promising IP, the combat is solid and the setting looks and feels fantastic. Your choice in going for the greedy approach with cheap P2P solution killed this.
Rethink your priorities.