View Full Version : New game mode, bigger than dominion.

02-22-2017, 01:28 PM
Hello everyone, before I start I do not speak English, so what you are going to read is obtained from the Google translator, please forgive me if you do not understand some things.

*I open this thread because I think this video game does not expand even as it should, or at least that's what I think. All game modes are very entertaining and well crafted but I think, that domination mode is not the biggest that should exist. Is a true medieval war only dominating some areas outside a wall, with only a few soldiers? This thread is a new idea for Ubisoft to create a new game mode, a way in which the goal is to really CONQUER or OBTAIN a fortress, a village or a sanctuary through the war that this game gives very successfully. Focus a little more but not totally in the MOBA mode, which is a 5 and 5, which has to kill soldiers to advance, as in mobas with a final goal but without so many towers to collapse, for example a wall with an area A and a zone B on the side of the defending team and a C and another D on the attacking team . After this wall open two towers with archers that do much damage, these towers have to conquer them killing those archers to then reach the leader and kill him, on the contrary the attacking team zone C and D will be what ubisoft to invent or Put and then there will be two other archers towers or whatever it is that also have to conquer and then kill the final boss that will be the jarl or the emperor, what about this idea? If you like to support it so that they believe this game mode bigger and opine for new ideas of this way and thanks for reading.:rolleyes: