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02-22-2017, 03:37 AM
This page is designed to give strategy updates and direction for force management and field strategy. Any post outside of this should be posted in other groups. The most recent mapping will be pinned to the top and strategy posted with it so players may see where they should deploy assets. Legion generals will hold each other accountable when strategizing and commanders will forward up changes in numbers. This is a team effort and will be treated as such. Should you fail in your duties you will be demoted until such time you can prove your capable.

Commander General: Leader of the Knights legions. May veto generals should the veto be required but only if a strategy cannot be settled. Will have all the Admin privileges for the page.

General: Each console will have a general. They will be a part of the council that decides attack and defense plans. Generals will be page admins but limited to updating and pinning.

Commander: Each general may have no more than 3 commanders. Commanders will be required to track stats and numbers for generals so they may determine a set plan of attack of defense. Commanders will gain privileges from their generals as they feel comfortable.

Sound like something you would like? Then come join us And lets rule the map as one!