View Full Version : Too many gimmicks

02-22-2017, 03:06 AM
The "ground-breaking" combat system is more about gimmicks than anything else. It's silly how difficult it is to actually "fight" other players. I've lost count of how many Warlords, for example, rather than fighting instead just constantly headbutt spam for the nearest cliff. I must have both died and gotten more kills from cliffs and ladders than actual combat.

And it doesn't end there. I just recorded a Berserker who got Revenge from a 1v1 only by taking damage - he was never outnumbered and never even blocked or parried. These Revenge builds are everywhere - why must they reward turtling? Hell, I even just had a Conqueror on my team who simply would never attack without Revenge, and would only spam guard break and shield bash (for environmental kills).

And Elimination? It's turning into a "immediately sprint off for the nearest powerup and never fight without one" game. How is that fun?