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02-21-2017, 05:46 PM
It mostly happens on Dominion game mode. Sometimes Deathmatch as well. I'll be playing then outta nowhere it will start to lag for a couple seconds and ill constantly get disconnected in mid game or it says my ethernet cable has been removed?!? I have the wireless connection so that is impossible. It's just so annoying getting kicked mid game or right before the game is about to end. Somtimes it wont even let me start a game it would say. "You cannot join this session because it is full."??? I cant look for a game cuz its full?

Another thing that happens constantly. Rage Quitters! Once someone leaves, the whole lobby stops for 5-10 seconds causing everyone to get kicked outta their Focus/ Mojo.
or the whole lobby crashes, causing everyone to be kicked outta the game THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!:mad:. Please add gears of war 4 rules. Players have to dashboard in order to leave.. and when they do they get suspended.

Once again another big problem this game has. Lobby waiting. once the game is over, and half the people in it leave, instead of friends waiting in a lobby for actual players to join. It either starts it with us fighting bots or it completely kicks all of us out the lobby and into the main menu. This has happened so many times with me and friends it's ridiculous!!

Something is also wrong with the Lock on target mechanic. If someone is running towards me with His/Her Arrow pointing in any direction. And I try an move my Right thumbstick to match it. My Samurai Automatically swings in that direction. RS (Right stick) isn't supposed to Melee, RB and RT do that.. so something is obviously wrong. When that does happen it always F****s me up an I end up dying over it.


02-21-2017, 06:28 PM