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02-21-2017, 05:07 PM
First of all? The game,i really like the game. I DO ! i like fighting with knights and Samurai and stuff.liked it in childhood,like it now! Folks,thats about it on the positive site. Im here today to give a big Shoutout to all those,that are angry,just like me.

Why? You may ask? Well. Its because of the multiplayer of course. I will count a few Problems for you,telling you exactly WHY this is a problem and so on blabla. (First WD,then the Division,then WD2.. Now for Honor and soon Wildlands? Ubisoft just manages to .. I mean,you played thosse games,didnt´ ya?)

(Yey,im angry and from germany,means my Gramma´ will SUCK today. Dealwithit!)

Gear and Matchmaking

Well usually the gear should be something that gives advantage,opportunity for new,balanced play- and fightingstyles,right? Not in for Honor. you encounter somebody Prestige 3-4 maybe Gear lv 105 for example. The Moment he starts his rage the battle is lost,at least for me and MANY others. Played with my warden (P 1 G 48) against a LOT of people,even people with much higher LV and gearscore than me and i managed to beat most of them. But those unbalanced Gearbuilds,especially those which go for rage-only. FORGET IT bud,just forget it.
Ah,yes.. forgot to mention.. THERE IS NO FUGGIN MATCHMAKING MAN !!!! You play as a fresh lv 1 hero with no gear against prestige 4 GS 120 people !! Omg .. what the actual F!!! Dou you developers dont even play Videogames ?!

P2P (The ****ing WORST that could have happen to a game like this..)

Why the Hate on P2P ? First of all,lemme´ explain something for those that are unaware of this. P2P is a GIGANTIC securityproblem. For you,for those others in yo´ lobby and even for you in REAL LIFE! Yes! Hackers started it with so called "Drop-hax". Means they can Disconnect you and everyone else they like from the game. Thats crazy like it is,but its getting EVEN WORSE. if they want to,they easily could go for yo´´ ip (Which is shown in P2P games TO EVERYBODY in yo´´ current Game-session) and could.. maybe DDOS you ? YES,thats POSSIBLE! Besides that,P2P games are most likely those with the most "Hate-comments" on laggy ,****ty opponents. Because,if you do a 1v1 maybe and yo´ opponent has .. a 52Kb connection for example.. yes. Oh yes. ENJOOOOY!


Besides the facts i already mentioned above,the drop-hackers and those. There is more to find. Cheaters,you maybe run into them the last few days. There are confirmed reports about people with Speedhack,ESP,DMHG-hack and even EXP-cheats are out there atm! Not to mention "Auto-block and auto-guardbreak/anti-guardbreak" bots that cant be killed,regardless what you do. My 2 friends whom i play FH with and me,we encountered a few of those cheaters lately. We had a lv 1 G 0 COnquerer,this guy was able to block 3 attacks on all 3 sides AT THE SAME TIME ! We could not guardbreak him,he always used his anti-guardbreak and to top it off,he then teleported to one of his fellow players and revived him. We reported him and then left the game.

Other story. we were fighting against other players and suddenly somebody was pissed in the enemy team because we threw him over the edge. we told him to calm down,he then said "F+uck you FGT,imma kick you FGTS" and my 2 buddies and me then were kicked out by lost connection one after another,forced to go back to the mainMenu !!!

In the end,i dont want anybody to answer,anybody to tell me anything. "If you dont like,dont play" i know this is coming,some smartass trying to teach me how life,how the internet worx. I dont need that today,honestly. Keep that for yo´self. Nobody wants nor needs that atm !
This Post is for " #Ubifail " (Make it a Meme) .

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Couldn't read because of the font, font size and the layout.
10 points for the effort though!

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Couldn't read because of the font, font size and the layout.
10 points for the effort though!

Changed to arial.

02-21-2017, 05:19 PM
Indeed Poposchlo is right.
Make For Honor grait again

02-21-2017, 05:23 PM
ponts made.

Yup, but eh little advice.... Calm down friend, smoke some weed or something. We're all feeling it.

It sucks because we all love this game.