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02-21-2017, 04:06 PM
So I had a few days off this weekend and I was excited about this game so I gave it a fair try, here is what I thought after about 20 hours total of gameplay.

Dominion has taken the cake of my favorite game type. There are objectives and skills applied that make it a well rounded multiplayer (when the servers don't cancel the match out 10 minutes in and I don't get ANYTHING for my time, but Ill get into that later). I am also a big fan of feats in this game type. Time and time again I find myself using the catapult to destroy 2-4 of the remaining players to win the game.
Elimination & Skirmish are a little more open to you getting beat on time and time again if your team isn't that good or your single and join a random game. But I do have to add that has only happened to me about 5 games outta the 150+ I played.
Duels are fun because it comes down to timing and skill, knowing the right combos and dodging at the right time. Its a pure form of what this game was meant for. Brawl is fun to but could easily go from 1v1 to 2v1.
Contract orders and Daily orders are great XP boosters. Fun element to the game and helps you prestige sooner and makes you play different game types
Server connectivity
I am sure everyone knows what I am talking about. Games dropping mid-match, error codes starting up a search. It really is a nightmare when you just hit your contract order and the game lags out. I will give them a break since the game just came out, but hopefully it is fixed soon
Monday's contract orders did not refresh! So frustrating, but small issue

Thats pretty much I feel about the game so far. When it works, its fun and challenging. Can't button mash on this one, so I will like to see where this game goes. So far I am 2 pretige and level 20. I head theres a cap on gearscore at P3 but I guess I will see when I get on again

OHHHH- and one more thing I wanted to point out because I see some complaints here on the forums.

I agree that when matchmaking, the game will put you with any player, any level and any gear score..but in my experience (especially in dominion) it does not affect the game play. I was on a team with 3 low levels (<1p) and we womped 2-(3p's & 100,108GS) and 2-(2p's & 80+GS) 1100 to 500! Don't let peoples P and GS scare you, the game still comes down to mechanics, play it right and you will be surprised.