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02-21-2017, 03:11 PM

Scrolling this forum be like? ... :D

(NOT all of the threads here are just senseless and clueless crying, there are evidence, actual gameplay showing it.)

The early release was a big fvcking mistake.
The open beta ended on the 12th, after 2 days later, on the 14th the game was released. Makes sense?
Of course, this will be flagged offensive, because? You simply not (seem to be) admitting that, you fvcked up big time (by far, I couldn't find it anywhere). The "place your own thoughts/feels here" ones who bought the game already. Well it happened. Hope you gonna get your sh1t together, and already started fixing things! As this said, it's already damage done to everyone. Should not happen like this in the future of your business. Not sure if it's worth or not, that, you lose or win, gain more or less. With these steps you made.

It is (a) burning.