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02-21-2017, 02:44 PM
Yo Community!

First I am German and my English Grammar isn't that Great but hear me out!

Yggdrasil - Viking Warrior's Guild
Fighting with HONOR, the Power and Wisdom of Yggdrasil the World Tree.

Within us we are all equal. Join our Bond if you prove worthy!

On the Battlefield we are Superior than other Warriors of our Clan's or other Faction's


We want to promote a FACTION-WAR where you really play against the other Faction's on the Battleground.
Like, We are a Viking Guild and we want to face other Faction Guilds of the Samurai or the Knight's.

I hope to get something like that goin to have serious Player's (NO TROLLS OR RAGE QUITTER) deciding for a Faction likewise a Hero from that Faction.
To have matches where you only face the other Faction Heroes!
Back then a Raiding Boat of the Vikings didn't had a Katana Swinging Badass with them....

So that's kinda the Idea to have it more Professional and more Competitive.

We are Playing all Modes BUT the main focus is Dominion for the Faction War's.

A squad is need of 4 fixed players who are Balanced and skilled players with Voice and Tac's.
At the moment we are two People looking for People who want to join the Spirit of this.

It would be awesome if the other Factions would create this kind of Guild System as well and we would find a Website or Discord server to have a Matchmaking possibility.
Maybe Ubisoft even see's this and decide to put it in the game as a Free4all on Heroes or Faction based Game Modes.
You wonder how you would know who is in Guild? We will have all the same Emblem and "Name".Yggdrasil in Game.

If you are thinking this is a great Idea you can Contact me - - Uplay: Aaro.Yggdrasil

Go ahead and add me we can talk and have some games.