View Full Version : UBISOFT thank you for your next level thinking

02-21-2017, 02:31 PM
Don't need to patch a game that won't launch , after all.

Well done!

Just feel sorry for your community managers that are required to copy paste their non working "solutions" and waste their time calming down the masses. Can you just admit that you will (or can't) fix this issue and people affected by it are better off just refunding ?

Well, todays' update hasn't brought any cure to the launch problem that people with dual Xeons + hyperthreading have. The game won't launch for you and hang up on the splash screen if you are running this CPU.

I don't know in what world a game studio can release a game that doesn't even launch for some players and have the audacity to even charge for it.

People are STILL getting the following error: inject_impl.cpp (130) Getting thread context failed. System error code is 5

How can you be so unprofessional and not even aknowledge that this error exists , when so many people suffer from it?

Put your head in the sand until people forget about it ?

It costs more to fix your bugs than to deal with the possible refund of the people affected by it?