View Full Version : No Honor in For Honor... until...!

02-21-2017, 09:02 AM
Only in light of the countless threads I've seen titled "no honor in for honor"...

... can I make a pledge to my thanks for the revenge system in this game!

Having spent a fair bit of time now trying to "git gud" (I'm not, nor do I ever expect to be), I'm deeply grateful for a mechanic that can allow me to at least come close to leveling a playing field when being ganked upon by several opponents. I'm neither someone who insists we all play by some honor code with this game, nor do I believe that all is fair game when it comes to 4v4 (some people play for cheap, no matter how much they try to justify it). In the end, I just love the fact that when the odds swing away from your favour, the game offers you an opportunity to survive, even if that still rarely works to my benefit (again, I'm not "gud"!)

Most importantly though, I love what it offers when looked at it from the (often overlooked) other side of the coin. Whereas when I started playing this game, I used to rush in and try to help my teammates no matter what, I have since learnt the detriment of my good intent. It's taken perhaps too long, but I have finally learnt the fact that rushing in to blindly offer support in a 1v1 more frequently results in sparking an opponent's revenge mode than it does bring a faster end to a conflict. Instead, I've learnt to sit back and assess the situation, and only jump in if I feel like my colleague is in dire straights, all the while KNOWING I'm about to extend the fight, but hoping it's ultimately the longer road to enduring with both myself and my colleague intact.

I don't hold back from intervening in 1v1's in dominion because of a sense of honor, but when, from my POV, it seems to be a smarter team tactic overall. I love that the revenge system forces me to think like that.

Agree? Disagree? Would love to hear your thoughts. What I would prefer NOT to hear however, is that one tactic is unquestionably righteous, and the other cowardly... I've read that... several times... now I'd like others inputs