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02-21-2017, 07:39 AM
okay there must be something wrong in the servers, no matter what i do i cant block i cant attack i cant even do literally nothing. i am kensai or shugoki, other problems i have been having is when i try to counter block by pressing the block button they are still able to push me no matter how quick or how slow i press it. there is literally nothing i could do. i am running optic internet in canada and i dont understand why i am having so many issues.

other problem i also been having is there needs to be something to vote people to stay in a certain bad player skill rank. such as in a middle of a fight 2 v 2 my team mate will run away which then leads me to do 2v1 and i keepo loosing, or when i come to help someone and they are doing good just equalizing the odds he just runs away and leaves me again with 4v1 etc.. or how the last 9 dominion matches i have it was everyone doing there own thing and yet the other team is staying as a team and making it always 4v1 which is not fun at all. there needs to be change with this like adding a ranking system after the match. or something because its a turn off to play the game when there is no fairness there is no fun theres nothing but death and nothing i could do.

and a bug where Kensai bugged out and did a full 360 and i died from doing a 360 glitch.