View Full Version : Lack of customization for some classes.

02-21-2017, 07:03 AM
While game balance is the most important topic at the moment, I feel like some characters have a lot less customization than others.

For example the Warden and Conqueror have lots of options to stand out and the greatest being armor color.

-Peacekeeper however does not get to add any customization to the helmet/hood and the armor coloring colors the smaller pieces of her armor rather than the majority causing peacekeepers to look the same other than her head ornament and tabard.

-Nobushi are in a similar boat and you only notice their helmet and mask options.

-Raiders have 1 shoulder pad and their tabard. I guess the tattoo's are kinda noticable.

My point being the customization options are very good on some characters and very poor on others.

A black iron or bronze armored Warden looks awesome, let Nobushi change the color of their chest piece front. Let peacekeepers change the color of their cloak, and armor(imagine that shoulder pad/helmet/leg armor in shiny gold with lion heads engraved in them.