View Full Version : Enough matchmaking threads? Enough OP threads? Enough Gear threads?

02-21-2017, 04:43 AM
No. Here's another.

Put these restrictions in place.
You will not play / will leave: Duel against Orochi Peace keeper or Warden
You will not play / will leave: 4v4 if the enemy has a 108

You will join over 5,000 games. You will play less than 20.


The only class that is ever in 1v1 is Warden Orochi and peacekeeper.
Not because people are good and that's what they play. It's actually the exact opposite.
Because people are so bad at the game they pick three classes that take next to no skill at all to do well with.
I've left 79 Duels in a row now without finding ONE single person that will play a different class.


The only thing matchmaking will do is take your gearscore. Find people who at least triple it if not more and put them on the other team.
People say gear doesn't win matches because they're complete trash and have 108. If they made the effort to play a class that didn't have 108 they'd instantly change their mind set.

I was playing against a berserker. I hit him ONCE he did not block. Coming off his spawn. He instantly had revenge. Proceeded to hit me ONCE while I was at full health then threw an axe at me. I died.
His heavy did 98 damage and his throw axe did 41 As a valk with 2 hp at full health pretty much anything will kill you. But this is absolutely absurd.

And went and fought him a second time. Block 26 attacks parried 17 and countered 11 guard breaks. I STILL DID NOT HAVE REVENGE But during this fight he had revenged 19 times off me hitting him 19 times. And he STILL WAS NOT DEAD.

Game takes a lot of skill. Abuse brokenly over powered classes in Duel. And abused brokenly over powered gear in Dom/Elim/Skirm

The only thing you're allowed to play if you haven't played without taking a break since day 1 is apparently AI. And if you do that the only people you'll find are afks/bots that are farming XP to get 108 so they can feel good about being bad at the game.