View Full Version : Concerns about balance and player levels

02-21-2017, 04:37 AM
I've been playing For Honor for a few hours now, and I'm having fun. It's challenging, but I've managed to defeat a handful of players, and I've also been practicing against skill level 3 bots. However, while skill undoubtedly plays a substantial role in the game, I'll confess to being a little concerned about balance. Won't higher level players have more unlocked Feats and better equipment than newer players? They also have the benefit of substantially more experience. Also, unless I'm mistaken, you can also upgrade a hero's base stats as you level it with something like Reputation, giving them *inherently* more damage and survivability.

I enjoy the game, but the dark cloud hanging over it is the possibility of equipment -- or stat upgrades, or whatever else -- overtaking any individual notion of player skill when matched against significantly higher or lower level opponents. When I defeat someone, I want to say that my skill, not my equipment, won the fight for me. When I lose, I want to believe that my opponent's skill exceeded mine instead of simmering with frustration over how much better his "gear" is.