View Full Version : Orochi Question

02-21-2017, 01:58 AM
Hey guys, not a nerf thread - i just want to see what the community is feeling with respect to orochi. I care about this game and want it to do well, so when I can pick up an character and have a 94% winrate with my next highest being 60%.

Granted, im definitely not the best player in the world, so it might be a low-mid level problem. Do high level players experience problems with him as well? This initial tournament seemed to be all bezerkers, wardens, and orochi.

02-21-2017, 02:33 AM
Orochi isn't overpowered but his kit is way too easy to use vs. lower tier players and way too difficult to use in upper levels of play it feels. All they can do is the exact same 3-4 attacks and have no real combos. The rest is essentially cheese. The only variety one will see with Orochi is whether or not they can parry/guard break counter consistently or not and whether or not they feint their heavy attacks into other things.

Which is a sad state for a class to be in, universally hated in lower tiers due to how easy it is to succeed with versus players who aren't properly skilled in the use of guard break counters and parries/blocking/other tech. But in turn, these players also risk spending so much time stomping 'scrub tier' players that when they face a legitimate challenge their met with pure frustration from someone who is predicting literally everything that is used versus them.

So basically the low skill cap for success seems to also drive the higher-tier orochi players into matchmaking positions where they aren;t ready to be, at least if they pick it up as a 'first' class choice.

I'm not even kidding, I've dueled Prestige 5 Orochi who accused me of hacking for knowing how to parry and follow into guard break.

Basically imho the class needs a sort of rework so its less punishing vs. new players but has more in their kit to fight at a higher level of gameplay.