View Full Version : Random Disconnects and kicks

02-21-2017, 01:33 AM
Yea, you're damn right me and probably every other player online has been kicked, but every single match? this is ridiculous:mad::mad::mad:

Either create a way to rejoin a game, or compensate us for the fking time we've all been forced to waste.

Seriously why even release the game if the one bug that prevents you from playing is still in full effect?

02-21-2017, 02:43 AM
Kind of the same reason I decided to head over to these forums.

My friend and I have having a ton of connection related problems. Personally I have open nat, and pretty good internet. I dont experience any lag issues or connection problems on other major titles, but this game has been horrendous from that standpoint.

Be it a random first minute of the game disconnect or searching for matching failing so regularly.

There really needs to be a way to join a session in progress and take back the spot that the bot took, especially if its within 1 minute. After that open it up to other players to take over the session in progress.

The connection and network related issues with this game is really flustering, especially since the game does not save anything you have done prior to being disconnected.

02-21-2017, 03:07 AM
I could play for hours... but after the 3rd disconnect or 10 error message and the 4th match with a bot in pvp i normaly quit playn. still waiting for the first patch but i think this wont be the patch that solves the true issues. maybe its time to put for honor to the waitinglist for the next few month and focus on some other games.

02-22-2017, 01:32 AM
Ubisoft fix your damn connection problem. Also, you never emailed me! Horrible support. Still havent received my item from deluxe pack!!!!!

02-22-2017, 01:56 AM
For the past 5 or 6 games I've gotten disconnected every time just before winning, suddenly my fps just drops to 1 I see my character run off in a random direction and an error comes up that either says network error or just error and no specific pattern to the error code just random numbers... This has happened very rarely when I lose tho... It's gotten worse with the new patch

OGL Spade
02-22-2017, 02:06 AM
30% of the matches I join I get kicked for network issues. and if I don't get kicked it lags all to hell to the point it's unplayable, and if I'm not lagging the other player is, they kill me by teleporting around me and attacking me without indicating the direction the attack is coming from, impossible to defend against that, and attacking people and the execution comes up, then all the sudden they are back to quarter health. This game needs a lot of work, I kinda figured it would be this bad after launch since it's a Ubisoft game, but it's almost unplayable.