View Full Version : Let's make this game better (recopilation)

02-20-2017, 11:54 PM
Hello honorable players, this is just a recopilation of changes/requests from my self and from people I have read in the forums. I'm sure there's a lot more and I will edit the post as I find them, but for now there's some things which will make the game (to my eyes) better.

1.- Ranked system.

A good ranked system with proper ladders and rewards for playing, everyone receives rewards based on the ladder from the bot to the top (make leagues or whatever you want to differentiate skill levels and prizes). This encourages players to play more and try to get better.

2.- Punishing leavers.

This is something who needs to get fixed NOW. Everyone and their grandmas are exploiting the game leaving when they are going to lose so they can have a perfect 100% win ratio.

Okay, maybe this is not a problem in casual play because they lose exp/items, but if we get a ranked system this is a serious problem who needs attention.

3.- Tournament mode

8, 16 or 32 players. 1v1 duel eliminations, rewards for winning every round and a bigger prize for the winner of the tournament. If u finish faster than the rest u can spectate them. This is simple to do and i'm sure everyone will try it.

4.- 3v3 Elimination/Skirmish Modes

This is easy to add and I don't think there's any problem with adding a 3v3 mode for elimination/skirmish, not my case but I have seen many complaints about why the game don't have 3v3 modes for players who play at groups of 3.

5.- More customization

Right now there's a lack of customization in so many ways. Prices are too high and we have nearly no options to customize our characters.

Let's talk about prices for example 7000 steel for a execution? that's A LOT of time playing to get a single execution for a single character. Changing skins for gear is a steel sink, we don't need inflated prices, what we need is MORE OPTIONS. Make more executions but at a lower price, more taunts, more everything but lower the cost of them, because right now they are priced TOO HIGH.

The game was out for only a week so I can not say anything bad about this yet, but I hope they add more ornaments and skins as well.

6.- Wardrobe for changing gear skins

This is just a quality of life change but I feel is needed. Right now we need to have a lot of gear with different skins in the inventory to change the skins if we want, u can't break any piece of gear if u like the skin or u will not be able to change to that skin until you find another piece of gear with the same skin.

So what I want is to have an option in every piece of gear called "Wardrobe/armory/whatever". If you use that option the game charge you some steel but you have that skin available whatever you want. This frees some space in the inventory and makes our characters more customizable because we will have more options.

Do you agree with what you have read? Would you add something? Your feedback is appreciated. Let's make this game better.