View Full Version : Best & Worst class? Your opinions.

02-20-2017, 11:53 PM
What does everyone feel the best and worst class is, and why?

02-21-2017, 12:10 AM
Shoguki as the best imo, as his attacks are hard to parry cause they are so slow, his grab is getting people quite often as well and can even one hit if he is on low health. Obviously he can just use his bat to kick people towards the next map which is kinda redicioulus and got and unbreakable upperhead attack as well what gives him a good arsenal of attacks and makes him really good especially against new players.

Conqueror/Warlord if they just play defensive enough they will barely get hit and Warlord for example just keeps attacking even if he is attacked during his swing. He can also spam his headbutt out of every position and deals a ton of damage with his heavy attacks which are often not expected to be so slow and thus often failed to be parried. Conqueror's got his shield bash he can spam and if he corners you at a wall and knows what he's doing you can basically say "gg" already. High DMG output as well, just a bit slow.

Nobushi As long as there is no wall you'll be able to just run back and keep stabbing your enemy, whenever they get close you'll just use your light attack and the bleeding will take an entire health bar. Quite hard to get close to her and parrying is useless as you can't follow with anything if she's to far away.

Valkyre and Lawbringer Valkyre at her current stage is obviously underpowered in my opinion. She can of course just swing and you'll fall on the ground but her heavy attacks seem to be so slow and her shield bash charge is so predictable as well as she's always got to get into her defensive position. Alpha damage seems to be low as well but never really played her, just not seeing her as a real enemy (Out of my view as a Warden). Lawbringer made it on this spot based on the experience of a friend of mine. I think I can say that he maxed the character out to what is possible but he's just restricted by Lawbringer in duels etc. He can of course keep you in the air and disable people but runs out of stamina and can't really combo stuff because of that. Not to forget that he is very slow and has to rely on his parries and lights because the heavies are so easy to be parried.

All of that is just part of my humble opinion, I've only played Warden ,which is easy to play but hard to master imo.