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02-20-2017, 11:42 PM
I won the game from a stream today and tried playing for about 2 hours..... and boy do I suck ***. My biggest issue is managing my guard positon with my mouse, as changing to the guard i want feels very clunky at times. I struggle a lot at managing to block enemies attacks and even moreso landing my own. If anyone has tips on how to play with a keyboard and mouse, that would be great. And please don't say the best tip is buy a controller because i don't have one and can't afford to buy one. TY in advance!

02-21-2017, 01:18 AM
try laying the guard buttons to the according movement directions, itīs a double bind and the game will ask if you want to do that, but it works and it helps a lot.

can u free the mouse from block than too?
so that you only change block stances using the keys?

02-21-2017, 12:21 PM
Here is what I mean :

For years, your right hand has learned to be quick, and constantly on the move. It keeps doing small adjustments left and right, and you keep recentering it on your mousepad.
Your left hand has learned to be static. It's sitting on your keyboard, the wrist solid and anchored on it, only your finger tips quickly dancing on the keys.

Here is what you do :
Keep your left hand as it is.
Change the way you perceive your mouse. In for honor, your mouse is calm. Your right hand rests on it, steady. When the time comes to block, your brain sends a lightning bolt to your right hand and adrenaline shoots in your veins, but keep that right hand calm. Move it to the direction of your block, and KEEP IT THERE. DO NOT MOVE IT AGAIN. If you don't focus on that, your right hand keeps jerking left and right, and you don't control your block.

That's step number 1. Teach your right hand to be calm and steady. Quick, but steady. Not jerky.

Step number 2 : How to avoid having to re-center your mouse ?
Imagine you want to block 4 times in a row : up, right, up, right. If you move your mouse in straight lines, you are gonna draw a staircase on your mouse pad and your nerves will mechanically re-center the mouse, making you block left.
You have to follow an inverse T pattern on your mouse pad. Block left and right on a horizontal line, and move to the top guard passing by its center each time. In the example above, to properly do those 4 guards (up, right, up, right), you follow a curved "L" shape on your mouse pad. This way, your mouse does not slowly get away from the center of the pad.

Note : you might think you could just follow a general triangular pattern, but it's dangerous. If you are guarding top and move to left guard following a 45 degree line down, depending on your angle you might screw up and end up guarding bottom.

That's step number 2. Follow a curved, inversed "T" shape pattern on your mouse pad, and stay on it.

Step number 3 : Unbind guardbreak from middlemouse and rebind it to a free finger resting on a key.
A right thumb buton on your mouse is good.
I personally use left thumb, ALT for dash, space for GB. My left thumb is constantly sliding between those 2 and it makes the "Dash-in Guardbreak" moves very fluid.

Now, you might think that's a lot of hassle.
Yes, it is.
But once your right hand behaves properly, here are the advantages :

1. You can change guard direction at blinding speed, control pad can never compete.
2. Outstanding camera control when unlocked (free running, locate buffs or allies, look behind while running, etc)
3. Controller users ultimately have to release their control of the Guard Direction (right joystick) to perform other actions.
Such as Guardbreak, Dodge, Revenge, Cancel.
Mouse users NEVER have to. You always have control of your Block. At all times.
4. While controller users can rebind stuff, they ultimately have less butons than M+KB.
That means you can more deeply rebind and customize the butons to your own preference.

Conclusion : Yes, the mouse control of For Honor is extremely clunky at first. Consider it like a new devices you have to learn how to use. What makes it worse is that when in "unlocked mode", you have to treat the mouse like in any other game, and the moment you "lock-on", you have to go into that "For Honor" mode. Uncomfortable. Keep at it. Once all this is natural again, I cannot see a single advantage Controller has over M+KB. Ultimately, M+KB is superior for me.

Good luck.