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02-20-2017, 10:08 PM
lots of error messages
bugs (Shugoki buged, Peascekeeper bugged, Warden bugged and those are the ones that are known) combined with freezing menus when you leave lobbys (not only me but my friends got this too)
More error messages its like in 10 attempts to join a game it fails around 4 times and few times you get infinite loading screen ingame.
Leaves, i hate to join a game where my team consists of 2-3 bots enemy already has 3 bases.
Feats do way to much dmg, nothing should be able to one shot or take over 70% health away especially if the camera is located in a way that you cant dodge because you do not see it coming.
Ledges are fine but there is a ridiculous amount of ledges.
Skirmish together with elemination is fine but **** off with skirimish if I choose elimination
Lags cmon i have plenty of people teleporting around I have some on Video maybe I should save all of them and make a compilation?
Cheats: You can find ALL BLOCK bots, kick tools and stuff like this in the "standard" forums.
Sometimes the game feels ridiculously unresponsive I guess this is because of lag.

On top of all this the game is out 5 days now and no hotfix? Stuff like the bugged heroes should be immediatly fixed like overnight or better yesterday.
All respones from community managers to me seems like they do not know whats going on like they do not know the state of the game nor what ubis employes are planing or doing.

This is the first game I ever preorderd with a higher value edition I have never done this before atleast I learned from my mistake.

By all means the game is not unplayable but its not a finished and polished product either and it feels like ubisoft gives a **** right now.

edit: Some funny random stuff happening to me :)


02-20-2017, 10:21 PM
Agree ...