View Full Version : Back to Beta?!

02-20-2017, 08:24 PM
Apologizes my bad English, I do not use it all too often.

I like for Honor .... I really do.

I read now since the official start in the forum and all people complain and that rightly!

The classes are not balanced, we all know and feel it in the game.

Nobushi always uses her bleeding and GB.
Kensai always uses the light combo and hits from above.
Orochi is really too fast or not ... Actually, he always flips to the side, hits or uses GB and hits ...

Shugoki .... he is really damn slow but he has only beat the one must parieren. At least the players always use only these strokes.
His backbreaker is somehow never to parry and damn strong.

Conqueror .... At present, everyone is misusing the hit GB combo. (Is changed in the patch)

Looters his GB attack and running is somehow exaggerated.

Peacekeepers jump just back and forth and GB and make bleeding.
Or she flips to the side and hits 1,2,1,2,1,2 iam alright whit that but most of the time you cant catch them to strike back.

These are my problems with the classes I've found and where I think the balance is not so good.
I knwo, there are many People they are dont argee whit me and will flame me... (like its normal in the I-Net)

BUT what I really want to say!
Everyone cries about his class or about the other classes.

It would be nice if the Player dont abuse the Skills all the Time and try to play fair! .....

Hope the Patch is comming soon. Till than, try to play FOR HONOR not abuse Skill and Disbalancing.