View Full Version : Balance....it would be nice to have....

02-20-2017, 08:21 PM
Constantly seeing the same few classes dominate the matches. Always the same few that are near impossible to defend against or even get a hit on, they erradicate you in a few hits and are off to the next easy mark. Always the same few classes with double digit kills and zero to two or three deaths while the rest are getting single digit kills. Sorry but one cannot be expected to believe that all playing those few classes are master gamers. Spread sheets would show there is a reason for the few classes to be the majority being played, simply put, the OP classes are always the most played classes and For Honor is no exception. There needs to be a serious balance between the classes or we will see the game become little more than a contest between 3-4 characters. We all know which ones are OP, the forums are filled with demands for balance in this game, so, can we get an update as to when we can expect a balance pass?