View Full Version : One Thing i want this game to fix, Kensei vs Lawbringer = Endless fight

02-20-2017, 08:13 PM
As a Kensei player, I've fought someone who play Lawbringer yesterday, that game took too long in the first round, and finally Lawbringer quit the game after more or less 4 mins trying.

We both got to the bottom of health, it regenerated back to 1 slot so many times, because we didn't give each other any chance to strike back, except light attack(which is the maximum damage we could deal), the second attack never happen because we both know it gonna be parry or something(potential of fail), CBS every time, dodge unblockable grab and keep proper distances, both of us could only possible hit the other with a light attack, the problem is here, a hit of light attack couldn't kill us, because of the last slot health regeneration, so this took forever if none of us willing to make mistake or potential fail movement until he quit the game...

Do you guys have similar experience with slow characters fighting each other, when both player know how to positioning, make no mistake, cbs every time, what is the solution of this situation by not quitting the fight? because it seems like really taking forever.