View Full Version : Love/Hate For Honor

02-20-2017, 07:56 PM
You know, ever since I participated in one of the closed alphas for For Honor, I genuinely fell in love with this game. The nuanced fighting and learning/mastering of the unique classes. After every battle I felt I was getting better, adding a new strategy or tactic to my repertoire or learning something new.

Until I ran into a gear level 108 peacekeeper who could kill almost anyone in 3 light attacks during the full game which made everything I learned and loved about For Honor trivial if not moot...

Network issues aside, the game is a good romp, especially with friends. Getting into fights, even when you're outmatched, got my blood racing and the satisfaction of winning those battles was real and almost primal feeling. Sometimes things wouldn't go my way. I'd take a licking and carry on. But over the course of my tenure with For Honor, since the alpha to the preset (one week post launch) I've seen more and more unbalance with gear level and how it can negatively impact the play experience. Not just when I'm on the receiving end of it either. When you have a player who has maxed out a (let's use the most common) peacekeeper or orochi who absolutely steamrolls the other team without any discernible skill or finesse, it takes the fun out of the game. It invalidates the competition and makes a win feel so... cheap?

I'd like to spend more time in duels, or brawls where the equipment level is disabled, and where 'the wolves come out', so to speak, but the time it takes to match make is ridiculous and the rewards for time spent in game are completely eclipsed by what you earn playing dominion, skirmish or elimination, win or lose.

I'm sure two out of every three people who lurk these forums could begin a rant about the buying steel with real currency to pad your gear level or how inconsistent and sometimes outright awful the connections in game are but that would ebb towards tl;dr territory so I'll leave with this: For honor is a brilliant game, truly. But it needs real post launch support, transparent communication between the developers and community and more emphasis and love shown towards what makes this game great, which is to say, the Art of Battle system and gameplay that can legitimately compliment, facilitate and reward the understanding of it.

I'd love to have a discussion about not only solutions to the problems we see today, but also the future of this game, it's various modes and potential modes, and even the Faction War meta game.

If there's one thing Knights, Vikings, and Samurai can agree on here, it's that this particular battlefield needs to be re examined as a whole and re obtain it's focus if it's been lost.