View Full Version : Issues and bugs (xbox one)

02-20-2017, 05:14 PM
Since launch the game has gotten progressively wores and worse, to the point where it is almost unplayable.

1.Blocking dose not work half the time, regardless of character selection.you can clearly see the character model blocking the direction of incoming doom, and witness it do nothing, as you are hit for full damage.(yes i know there are unblockables.)
2. Dodging also has the same problem, as players are still hit out of range, or simply do not move, no matter the amount of times the button A is mashed.(still taking into account that a player cannot dodge when out of stamina.)
3.Guard break counter suffers the same fate here, where you are more likely to stop/counter a guard brake with a light attack, rather then a well timed X button press.
4.Guard gets stcky and stays on the up direction, while you have already changed to a different one.
5.And last but not least. THE GAME SERVERS. At the point it's pretty ridiculous, Friends cant join friends lobbies, even with same nat type. disconnects after error messeges all day long, no matter the internet strength. im sure we've all experienced this since launch. And hopefully it will be fixed soon.
5.BUG OR HACKERS? recently played a couple of 2v2 matches with some questionable things happening. it seemed peoples gear stats are entering 2v2's.they had throw distance they shouldnt of had, and were getting revenge from just one singular block, and even getting it from being guard broken, when they have yet to receive any damaged at all.
6.Lag switchers..enough said.

1. People surviving the spike deathtrap on sancuary bridge.
2.Killing someone with a heavy attack, only for the death icon and execution options to disapper and the player come back to life, swinging.
3.Jumping down off a ledge on to someone directly or slightly in front of you, only to have the attack miss.
4.Getting stuck in the VS screen pre match, or post match black screen.

Im sure there's been more, but this is all i've personally encountered so far.