View Full Version : I suck [PC], would like some help

02-20-2017, 05:14 PM
Well, I am not above realizing that I suck big hairy donkey balls.

To the point that I main a warden, and I am in genuine awe when I kill people. I have for example never once landed a bash into GB combo, the only people I can defeat are the players who literally do not know their moves.

It was not an issue during beta, but as of release The only time I do good is when my team is completely stomping people. Counter GB is not something i even attempt, and for some reason no matter how hard i try to pressure someone I miss my swings and my GB's, assassins I can literally not defend fast enough agains't and my parries end up being so poorly timed that I basically drop my guard and allow free hits on me , I play using a m+KB setup so a bit of my Sucking comes from being overly focused on my mouse and where my guard is but that is a different beast entirely.

I am looking for both people to help me improve, as well as a community of people to play wtih, because even tho I may be lacking in the combat department I try to focus objectives when playing Dominion and I usualy score fairly high. My issue is that I am trying to find people to play with as while I do like the game, I have a major issue with the control scheme that does not seem to work for me(probably due to my own fault since ive heard ppl say mouse defense is fine, I don't believe them im yet to see proof but oh well...) I mainly started playing duels as of the last few days as they are the only game mode where I don't have to deal with 2v1's and 3v1's ect... I am enjoying them on one hand, but would also like to win sometimes :D my KD is 1.2 and my win rate is at 42%. I have not played many fighting games but have played a lot of MMO's and Shooters at a fairly high level and I do not enjoy being bottom of the pack.

I have watched streamers, asked some community people for advice, Joined the discord channel(Got told to git gud :D) , and yeah this game does have some BS-y issues but based on what I have seen of high level plays a lot of the stuff that annoys me is due to my lack of skill and something good players seem to have no problem dealing with). I would like to improve as I am honestly starting to regret this buy, while at the same time being enthralled by the theme and idea behind the game. If there is anyone who is wiling to help me out with improving my play, or recommending community resources that can do the same I am all ears as this is something I would like to get better at and continue playing, but at this rate I see For Honor gathering dust on the shelves within a few weeks.

Thanks for reading, please keep the git gud commets out. :)