View Full Version : Very small guide to slowly Git Gud at first.

02-20-2017, 04:52 PM
First from the very beginging do the advanced tutorial in the how to fight menu.(i feel this should have been forced no?)

Now onto learning a new char!


Go into the how to fight menu and start a duel with a lvl 0 bot.

Check your movelist,try everything thats on the list,try to get a feel on what seems like secure damage.Don't practice over complicated combo/cancels string because chances are,unless you are a fighting game veteran you won't be able to pull them off in actual combat yet.Keep it simple for now.


Go into the how to fight menu and start a duel with a lvl 1 bot.

Basicly here you try to get a feel from simple combat with your newly selected character.The raider will almost always throw heavy attack that are easy to parry so its a good time to get the timing down and also a very good time to see what move you can potentialy use after a parry.Some attack wont reach an enemy when you parry them and some are too slow and will get blocked ,so basicly you parry the raider and try to attack him on the side he his guarding and try to see what seems to connect without being blocked.

Step #3

Go into the how to fight menu and start a duel with a lvl 2 and 3 bot after.

Basicly you will be getting closer to real combat by fighting these harder bots.Lvl 2 is the shugoki and its actualy a very good idea to practice against him to get a general idea on how to get trough his Armor.He can basicly ignore your first hit on him to keep his combo going.His armor will then go on a cooldown until the Shugoki flashes white again.He also throw some heavies wich is good to get the parry timing down on his attacks and he also use guardbreaks.

Lvl 3 bot is a valk.Very good to get a general feel of a faster character that throws some mix up.She will attack from multiple direction fast allowing you to practice blocking and she will also use everything in her kit mixing them up.I think she even throw some feints in there sometime.

Now the two best way i found to practice 2 of the most basic things in the game.

Blocking 101

You basicly make a custom game.
Duel 1v1
Add a Berserker bot lvl 3.(you could try lvl 2 at first)
Make sure you edit the game rules so round last long with 99 rounds and make sure no damage is on! That berserker bot will throw so many fast attack at you your brain will melt at first,you will drop your controller and think theres no way you can block all that ****!.But then you keep fighting him, you Git Gud and you almost consistently block all his attacks...Good feeling ahead!

Counter guardbreaks!

The best way to practice this i found so far is a Peacemaker bot lvl 3.
So create a custom match like above but with a peacemake bot instead.
She will seriously use her guardbreak/stab very often meaning you can keep practicing the timing down in an actualy fight.Sadly her bleed go trough the (no damage rule you put in) so you will die from bleed every now and then but its not that bad.

From then on it depends on you.You could jump online but i actualy like to try and fight a bot lvl 2-3 of every class before i jump online.That way i get a general feel on how to play against every class with the character im learning.At first... bots lvl 3 will probably be much better than the players you meet on the field though. :p

i know all i have just said sound like obvious stuff to do for many but after all the hate thread i have seen about this game being a spam fest ,it makes me feel like people did not even bother to learn the basic stuff to give the game a chance.(im looking at you steam forums!)

Things i wish they would add they help with training.

-being able to select a bot of your choice in the how to fight duels.Without restarting the entire match would be even better!

-being able to select certain behavior to practice against like guard break spammer/light attack spam/feinters/overly defensive that forces you to feint...

-i know this won't happen but many fighting games allow you to jump into a braindead bot,record a precise set of moves you want to practice against and then you simply jump back into your character and with a simple key press the bot will start the attack pattern you have recorded.

i have no idea how others got good (some can just jump in and learn on the spot) but i know this is how i did.. so who knows...it might work for others. Cheers!