View Full Version : Broken ranked system

02-20-2017, 04:04 PM
Me and some mates were in a match 2 of them dropped out. They were not able to reconnect to the game. Instead another random player joined who then also dropped out. Just as the match was ending 2 more players joined. We lost 1-4 and everyone lost significantly more points than usual. I usually lose around 60-70 instead I lost 140ish points. Everyone else also lost more points than usual. Even the guys that joined as the game closed both lost over 100 points.

I don't know if it was considered an 8v5 and that's why we lost so much. The other team were around the same or slightly higher ranks than us.

Either way it's broken and the poor guys that randomly joined were punished too.

Players shouldn't be able to drop into a ranked game in progress and your points system is broke.