View Full Version : Friendly fire - STOP

02-20-2017, 09:51 AM
For gods sakes, I've been killed 20 times today by friendly fire alone.

If it's not people waiting in the wings while you're fighting then jumping in and stealing the kill, robbing you of execution heals, it's people just wildly swinging and knocking you around while you're trying to fight. I've reported a number of people who do it consistantly, but it's annoying when you're fighting someone and end up getting killed by your friendlies rather than the enemy, and most of the time I die MORE due to people on my team hitting me while I'm trying to grab and then I end up getting counter grabbed, hit by my team-mates again, and then thrown off of a ledge. I could understand friendly fire on a realisim mode or something, but when it comes to playing with randoms, it REALLY needs to be penalized.

First off, add a dedicated "Friendly fire" report function. I've been using the griefing function, but I think if there was a way to tie the number of friendly-fire incidents into the report function (Like read how many times a person has friendly fired and report that number to ubisoft)

Or another method would be to cause friendly fire to do damage to the person doing friendly fire, not to the innocent person.

I've never understood this concept. Ubisoft did a TERRIBLE job in Rainbow Six Siege with this. People would get mad after 1 bad round and kill everyone on their team and the person doing so would never get penalized. I know someone who literally did nothing but kill rooms of team-mates for weeks and he's still playing. Stop punishing the INNOCENT players who are trying to enjoy the game and punish the people doing friendly fire. Your game is far from realistic anyways so don't pull that **** with me. This is just lazy game design to just say "Oh yeah just murder your team-mates and kill them and make everyone lose the game so you can get your one stupid order or have your lols"

People ***** about the P2P systems, People ***** about the game balance, but honestly this is the BIGGEST issue I have with the game. I've stopped playing Dominion because it's not a game mode. It's an orgy of team-kills. If you have any SKILL whatsoever, you play Duels and brawls and that's about it. Dominion is just trash because of this one glaring flaw and it's annoying when you've paid money for something only to have the game developer say "Oh we'll let other people make this game mode unplayable because we're lazy and don't want to make a penalty for being a reckless, harmful and toxic player"