View Full Version : High lvl Gear destroys variety!

02-20-2017, 09:04 AM
Good day guys.
I'm not coming to complain about the balancing in the matchmaking (which is unbalanced as **** as everyone knows),
My problem is that the high gear loot, which boosts 2 things and decreases 1 thing, destroys any variety.
Low lvl gear is way better, there you have to decide which one you buff and what you want to nerf for it.
I think we need any other system, to keep better variety, because seriously,
Who would improve revive speed, or not to boost stamina regeneration or attack?
Any suggestion or do you think it's fine as it is?

02-20-2017, 09:53 AM
Considering gear is only relevant in 4v4 modes. I personally see use for all stats. If we get past the whole everyone MUST fight 1v1 even though it's a 4v4? Players that focus on defense stats, point control and map control would thrive from stuff like sprint speed/ revive speed etc. They would choose to simply be an unmovable block of utility. Also usefull in a proper 4v4 clash to get a downed teammate up in less than a second while the enemy is distracted. When something like ranked is out people with players like that on the team will probably win a lot more than only offensively focused characters

02-20-2017, 09:54 AM
I thought the same thing for the longest time I was rep 2 with a gear score of like 35. But the matches where getting harder. I learned to sacrifice and haven't looked back since.
Honestly it totally depends on the game mode I'm going to play on what I'll sacrifice but some of them are no brainers.
Some mechanics I don't think people even know what they are/do.
Example - you see a lot of compliments about bleed/poison . Debuff Resistance will help against this. Don't think 60% or more even know that however in the purple gear it's Revenge mode duration , Exhaustion Recovery and Debuff Resistance.

I think you should have to sacrifice something or all your stats would be up. Would you want to fight a warlord with ALL stats maxed with no sacrifice that can self revive and block all directions with 108 level gear?

Or how about an Orochi with maxed stats that can still dodge in and out of fights like crazy with 108 gear would give him a decent size throw at this point?

What do you propose as what you envision?