View Full Version : Couple Hero questions

02-20-2017, 06:16 AM
Warlord- is it an intended mechanic for this character to not be interrupted during an execution? I've seen this a few times now and did not see this during the beta. Seen it with higher gear but it should still stop the execution unless this is an intended game mechanic for this character specifically but I haven't seen any notes on it anywhere.

Shugoki(possibly everyone)- Can you not hit him from above on the first hit? I know he has an uninterruptable first attack but I've hit one before when he was just received as it locked to him for some reason instead. Is there possibly a small window for 1 hit kills on spawn/ revives instead if that is the issue?
Is his batter up swing supposed to be unparry-able? I've had that happen as well.