View Full Version : @Ubisoft No stamina guard break throw BUG (video included)

02-20-2017, 05:52 AM
There is an inconsistent bug with the way guard break throws interact with no stamina assassins.
You can clearly see that the orochi has no stamina, and is pushed after a guard break, thus should fall down.


I have experienced this bug about 10 times today alone, exclusively against orochi and peacekeeper. I didn't play against many berserkers, so I do not know if it is assassin specific, or just orochi and peacekeeper. I've also run into another player who has also experienced this bug.

Please fix this soon, it makes the follow up parryable/dodgeable, which it is not supposed to be. The biggest issue is that it is inconsistent, thus I can't plan for it. If this is intended behavior, please let me know.