View Full Version : Prefer Elimination>Skirmish Game=Ragequit - MM, bad Orders, broken Gamemodes

02-20-2017, 05:46 AM
So i dont really know how many years i have to waste in this matchmaking, its full of errors in the first but on top of that, i "need" to finish orders in gamemodes that i dont even want to play, but if that isnt enough, i set my preferences to eliminations, now guess what? Im joining straight up a skirmish game, im joining into lobbys that are about to play skirmish.

Im sooooo tired of all this you cant imagine.
First of all i dont wanna play broken game modes to finish orders, such as 1v1, 2v2, Elimination, Skirmish etc. - I want to play only one gamemode as long as this game has broken mechanics and thats dominion.
Because you cant turtle to hell all day. Guess why you cant turtle in dominion ? Its because Objectives cause pressure, you dont attack or get an attacker off the objective in time? You are punished for this bad/frustrating playstyle and about to become the team that recieves no respawns.

Also i do not want to play 10+ Elim matches against AI that doesnt give you any proper ingame experience, just because i have to do 50 Takedowns against AI, like what the hell is that? Fighting AI + make 50 Takedowns...., that is such a massive punishment and huge loss of effective leveling or progressing in general with your hero, the Order doesnt even get up for all the losses.

So there is that, but what i simply cannot understand, why you only can set up your preferences, those get ignored.
Then if that wouldnt be enough, you can vote for skirmish games after you have finished your first round of eliminations AND the gamelobby automaticly switches up to skirmish.

Like please Ubisoft, this game is uncomfortable!
If i have to Queue for Eliminations, then i ONLY want to get matched into Elimination games and at the end of the round i do not even want to see any sort of possibility to vote a skirmish, nor do i like that the gamelobby automaticly picks a skirmish Map, like that shouldnt even be possible or an option.

If i wanna play Skirmish, i want to Queue for Skirmish - if i want to play Eliminations? Only Eliminations please!

Also id like to have basic orders, such as winning xyz Games, perform XYZ Takedowns, finish your target X times - i do not like to be forced to play against AI or forced to PvP - i want to finish the orders the way i like it.
Theres absolutly no reason to force players into certain things that they dont like and make them frustrated - Like why do i have orders that require me to play another class, when i have to level up one class to prestige 4, before im even able to get proper gear?

Like if i would switch my class all day, not only i would only get my *** kicked because learning a class properly takes time, also because matchmaking doesnt even take that into account, that im learning a new class - so im basicly forced to play AI quite a long time, otherwise i will lose and lose and lose - the endresult is that i will never finish the order!

Yes the matchmaking does properly match playerskill, but it completly ignores some1 trying a new class! Like Block, Parry and do basic attacks are basics in this game, when you start a new class their combos or possibilitys / strengths you dont even know about and then get matched against main players, holy mad cow you get destroyed from A to Z if you dont have any option to play like a noob:" Parry, Guardbreak > throw off the map"

It really isnt fun at the moment and im scared to even try another class! Not only because the AI in this game plays a completly different game than i do, no the AI is too easily be cheesed and all you could learn from them are the very game basics - you wont even learn the timings of your class properly, because like i said the AI plays a different game.