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02-20-2017, 02:37 AM
Hey guys,

I honestly need a few answers as to how can some of you post and complain so much on the forum.
The forum, at least in "General Discussion" tab, is absolutely flooded.
Posts are mostly about how OP one class or more is/are.
Quite a few have proceeded to mention their "high" rank as a way to boost credibility of their complain.
We all may have encountered issues, I will mention some in a moment.
I will briefly try to explain why complaining about classes is rather useless.
I need you, the reader, to first admit, that it is not ONE class that everyone complains about, most people have a different class to complain about.
Secondly, if you are a complainer, I expect you to first have a class that you levelled up quite a bit before you actually consider yourself skilled enough to say something is OP, that there is no way that guy beat you because he is better. (How many of you can actually say that they are actually that good?, I know, not many)
You do have that character? Alright, I bet at some point you decided to continue with that class because it was good for you, because it adapted to your style. Think, are you sure you are not saying something is OP just because you all of a sudden can't do that much with your class?
Yes, I think by now you got my point, I believe no class is too strong, I only believe people don't practice theirs enough or get angry to quick.

The other main complains are:

1) General mechanics of the game i.e. blocking,parrying,Guardbreak, what should happen before and after them, etc.
Again, you got to understand that a game has a base mechanic, and sometimes that's it, you can't expect it to massively change.
I do understand that they are mostly class related problems so I will not go further into discussing this as I'm not really into this topic.

2) Connectivity

GUYS, I think they know, OK? Please stop with these useless posts, they are unnecessary spam.
I for one, got no problems with connectivity or the game crashing, NONE, but I will not be ignorant, I understand most of you do, but I really believe they know, so either you just wait for something to improve or forget it, cause' they either do it or they don't.

Right, well I think this concludes it, I just wanted to let you guys know that I think we complain a bit too much, and again, I hope I don't sound ignorant, but by "we" I mean you, because I got no problem whatsoever with anything in the game.
Please try to really see the good in this game to keep the community alive and judge yourself before you judged anything or anyone else.

P.S. Please do add stuff, I feel I might have missed good points (main complains). Again, please understand the paragraph about classes, especially if you are thinking of making a counter argument about how they are (they aren't) actually OP.

02-20-2017, 03:02 AM
A lot of complains come from players that don't understand the core mechanics and don't even consider risk/reward when judging the issues they are complaining about. Granted.

Other than that this is about one of the vaguest posts I've seen. Obviously you left a lot out. Won't even begin to be able to fill in all the good points you ask users to leave. You have good and noticeable discussions going on atm regarding balance and criticizing low risk/high reward and some abusable mechanics along with unfair match ups.

Serious complainers want serious balance brought to the game, mechanics that promote timing and skilled input over any other gameplay style and that want to see true class and char variety specially in duel modes when the heroes are stripped to their basic skills and mechanics. Problem is the issue runs deep and not everyone is willing to acknowledge it. As things are atm, low risk high reward is a thing that is overly used and rewarded and many players are just giving up and going for the same solution for their frustration.

Matchmaking in high elo is also problematic. Disconnects are meh, cause we still don't know how rage quitting is related and by how much.
Honest players that join mid match and don't leave, take hits to their stats and don't leave, and that are promoting a healthy environment have every right to feel resentful and complaining harshly when seems like their the schmucks that get the worst deal when having the right attitude.

The crazed posters that don't support legit threads and only blame user flaw and use "git gud" arguments aren't any help either. As predicted the community quickly became toxic, ignores serious and important discussions and makes the game to be predictably short lived while saying that the players we might lose aren't needed. Problem is long time fighting game fans that are reasonable and objective enough also have numerous issues with the game.

02-20-2017, 05:58 AM
Have you seen a game forums that is not flooded with complaints? Because I haven't. People love to ***** and complain, and it's never their fault that they lost a fight. Noooo it's this character is OP and that character is weak. Have you seen the OW forums? It's full of people complaining about competitive ranking.