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02-20-2017, 12:25 AM
Dominion mode

Dominion mode is a game mode where players fight for zones. There are three zones on each map. For understanding purposes we will give each of these letters A, B, C as similar to in game. Each map will however be set up differently.

Zones A and B can be captured and fought over by human players. These two zones will give you 1 point per second and 100 points static if they are captured by your team. These zones can also be boosted is a friendly player stays with in the zone. Enemy players can contest boosted zones by standing inside of the zone while a friendly player is within it, or captured if no friendly players are near. Players will also be healed by the zones if they control the zone and there are no enemies within it

Zone C Will have constant soldiers pushing from both teams. Players can capture this zone by pushing the enemy soldiers out of it. Capturing zone will give you 100 static points towards your score. Each soldier killed will also count for one point towards your score

The objective is to get 1000 points and kill the entire enemy team to win the game.

Now that we have the basics of the game mode let's move on to some tips.

Boost your zone and defend – boosted zones give your team double the points. Make sure to stand in any zone that can be boosted. By standing in the zone you are not only getting double points but you are also defending the zone against enemies.

Heal yourself before you fight – Control zones A and B will heal you if you control them. Stand inside and heal yourself before you fight.

Fight on the zones – this is a game mode about fighting for control zones. If you are fighting anywhere else on the map besides inside a zone you are doing something wrong

Use the quick chat feature – the quick chat feature has plenty of different ways to communicate with your team. Make sure to use these frequently to let your team know where you are or where they should assist

Pick your feats - once you hit reputation one with any character you will have three loadouts. Make one for dominion. Feats like health gained per soldier kill or area of affect heals are very helpful in this game mode.

Spread out – if your entire team is on one zone you should consider going to capture a different zone. The only reason multiple people should be inside of a zone is if multiple enemies are contesting it.

In my opinion the best way to win Dominion is to have a single person in each zone and one person running around assisting. If you need more assistance the person fighting at zone C should leave to help and then return.

Teams should consider having heavy or Vanguard characters defending zone A and B, medium to fast characters on zone C and an assassin as the person "roaming".

Example team: Shugoki on A, Kensei on B, Nobushi on C, Peacekeeper roaming.

I hope this helps some players out that are looking to improve their gameplay. Let me know what you think. You can also catch my stream twitch.tv/cstratus for more gameplay tips