View Full Version : Repair guardbreak

02-19-2017, 11:28 PM
The point when someone is using guard break on you and you try to fend it off. I use it exactly at the same time and sometimes it works sometimes has no effect so just fix it. Its really annoying not avoiding guard break when you know u did good -.-
This problem is only when you play keyboard+mouse.

02-19-2017, 11:52 PM
its not just keyboard and mouse, its all platforms. guard break is OP in some cases, I posted earlier about it. given what you said about it I think your timing is wrong, as it has to be initiated after you've been hit by it. not when the opponent initiates it and the icon appears. and all the heroes have varying times the animation takes to connect with yours so its different in each matchup. My issue with Guard break is that its 100% safe, there's no punish on counter they can just use it on you again and again and again until you make a mistake or lag. needs to be fixed, anyone that says otherwise just likes getting free hits because its broken and aren't being honest about the balance.