View Full Version : Revenge and Revenge Builds Are Ruining Your Game

02-19-2017, 11:24 PM
Revenge is a terrible mechanic. The idea is good, to give an outnumbered player a better chance which is a good goal but its still broken.

As we know gear can be equipped to allow revenge to build faster, and by the time a player is Reputation 1 on a hero, they can essentially have revenge all the time and players do. Its all you see in 4v4 is players running around with revenge. Its just stupid and a broken mechanic, in fact the gear system is entirely broken and not friendly to new players.

I've watched a player get revenge after blocking 3 hits from a player so just from blocking 3 hits, the hero has now gained unlimited stamina, a massive damage buff, a shield for his health, uninterruptible attacks, AND a free knockdown on activation if the player attacks. Hell, I've had people get revenge when I've used guard break which instantly knocks me down and gives them a free heavy that is nearly double the damage of their regular heavy.

tl;dr - Revenge should not build if you are not outnumbered (or even be in the game for that matter). As well the gear system needs an immediate fix or removal. Aesthetics are fine, but the clear advantage of these builds are undeniable and are ruining this game. My friends are dropping like flies from this game because of the unbalance.