View Full Version : Valkyrie input commands

02-19-2017, 10:57 PM
Anyone else finding her input commands to seem off?

I'll go for a block, know I am blocking that way, sometimes they feint so I switch to the new side, and right before impact her guard stance drops and the attack goes through? Anyone else experiencing this?

Also with her combo, Ill parry into a GB + head ram, and her input commands seem very sluggish when I go for a pounch + light attack = leg sweep + overhead heavy

I want to say 7/10 times that combo works, I have trained consistently with it, but it seems, I guess her recovery time???, Is so out of the ordinary that sometimes she wont follow through with the commands and this allows the player to recover, removing my guaranteed damage I just try to do.

02-20-2017, 05:58 AM
For the blocking, its not just you. Valkyrie block is super unresponsive after taking damage. Especially against fast characters. Your mouse will be in the right position, but the Valkyrie does not recover in time after the hit stagger to block. Its quite frustrating.

After a head ram, or any GB combo really, the Valk leans forward a bit, it does take a moment for her to recover and use an attack.

Valkyrie's recover timers are all wonky.