View Full Version : Text chat on Ps4/Xone too?

02-19-2017, 08:51 PM
I get so envious when I watch a PC player stream For Honor and seeing the free text chat they have. I don't get why devs only include this on pc games (For Honor is not the only one) when consoles also have ways to type. I have had an USB keyboard on my PS3 for ages and now on my PS4 and it works just like on PC...

I just wish I could express myself more than with the quick chat options we have right now. When something funny happens, I wish I could type out "Hah" or so, when my opponent has a sick looking character I wish I could say "I really like your character" or same with emblem.

Sure this also would bring those "FFF UUU" "I ** YA MOMMA" sort of texts but yeh...