View Full Version : Feedback regarding lobbies

02-19-2017, 08:26 PM
I have a few issues with the lobbies I wanna talk about.

First of all, when you are in a party and are forced to leave a game because of lack of players, your party is being split and you have to invite everyone again.

Then its these lobbies between matches. You guys should look on how rainbow six siege does it. They keep your team and search for new opponents. As it is now, everyone have a tendency to leave the lobby after each game, which forces you to leave aswell since its not searching for new players. Then I search for a new game, gets throwed into an already started match, we lose and its back to the lobby again where everyone leaves. Then repeat. I never get to play from start. Would love to see this change pls.

Then elimination should really be into the brawl category, its far more equal to the brawl game modes than the skirmish ones. I love to play more skirmish but just ends up in elimination which I dont like, So its a problem for me.