View Full Version : Can't find a comfortable Sensativity/DPI for playing with KB+M

02-19-2017, 06:57 PM
I'm using a mid-quality gaming mouse with a built in DPI switch. But for some odd reason no combination of mouse sensativy/mouse smoothing and DPI settings feel comfortable at all with this game. Not to mention the guard LOVES to slip out of position, even on my lowest sensativity/dpi + highest smoothing settings. The mouse control is just god-awful and I just can't stand the controller inputs (which currently don't rebind properly for whatever reason.)

So, any helpful advice? Is there any way to lock your guard in place after I have my mouse in position so it doesn't slip into a different guard than intended? I literally am incapable of parrying given the slightest tap of the mouse in an off direction moves my guard so I can't even make the attempt to without being punished for no reason.

So until controller remapping works properly I'm basically stuck with this, and even then I really hate using a controller. Is there any way at all to hold your mouse in the guarding position you want without it ****ing itself over?