View Full Version : Ranked match major issues

02-19-2017, 06:33 PM
After the velvet shell update the game is kinda broken .The new ranking system has too many glitches.I was gold III today, then i started a new ranked match,it redirected me a ongoing ranked match,where my team was losing and the most sad part is that i couldn't even play a single round and my ranked decreased massively to gold IV, I mean will you believe that! And I still remember ,few days ago I left from a matchmaking phase and then I later started ranked and then it told me matchmaking phase and asked me that i left a ranked match and if i would like to reconnect to it, so reconnected to the previous ranked match and then i was stuck at matchmaking phase and after sometime my ranked decreased !!! ,Look rainbow six siege is my favorite game and I don't want it to be broken like that ,please fix this issues asap Ubisoft otherwise I fear i have to stop playing the game 'Permanently"!