View Full Version : Matchmaking - lvl 1 no GS vs rep 3 108 / maybe, maybe not?

02-19-2017, 05:56 PM
I keep seeing posts where there are incredibly mismatched teams. Some of this I put down to people queuing as a pre-made (and wonder if FH even attempts to queue premade groups with other premade groups). But often I think it is one of two things: Either For Honor uses a hidden MMR like Overwatch (where a level 40 person could have a MMR equal to someone who is 130, since the 130 could just not have the skill but has had the time to rank up a ton or even on AI bots only). If this is the case, some of those rep 3 people could be really bad at the game and so you are actually on the same MMR as them.

Another reason, and I think the more prevalent one, is that people are not paying attention to the queue screen and letting it go from "Strict" matchmaking to "Extended". I think if you let it go off of anything but strict before cancelling out, it will pair you with whatever match is the fastest to get into, regardless of skill level. Also, don't forget some of those level 1s you see may actually also be rep 3, but on another class. Which is also why I believe in hidden MMR (outside of the 'Extended' search) since the game has no idea who you are going to choose until after MM is done.

TLDR: Some matchmaking issues could be solved if you cancel out of anything other than "Strict" matchmaking on the queue screen and don't let it change to 'Extended'. Just some thoughts.

02-19-2017, 06:13 PM
The ability to actually alter matchmaking settings would help. Having to constantly back out and back in proves its broken. And why does the game give up on strict after 10 seconds? The game doesn't even try to matchmake properly it only cares about making games fast.

Finding matches is no issue as it stands right now as im convinced it doesn't have any settings it just randomly picks from the pool. I have queued a lot solo and as a group and nothing changes