View Full Version : Ubisoft you need to start being more competent and smart

02-19-2017, 03:30 PM
This is for Ubisoft as company i hope you read it

You guys are ruining yourself, committing suicide, can you stop killing yourself?

You know the only reason you still survive?

You guys are the greatest make new and interesting game i admit, i love you concepts, and thats the only reason you still survive the only reason ppl still look at your games, they are diferent.
You make diamond, but you dont polish them , which mean the next company doing a game like yours, without bugs and well polished, will have the players going for them instead of you.
We know the work of ubisoft for years and years, you come up with gr8 ideas but you dont even finish your games, loads of rough diamond in ubisoft, why dont you polish them?

You know how many players you lost in R6S before it was playable? maybe you d have more players if it was playing since the start, im one of the guys you abandoned that ship.
Multiplayer in ubisoft are always buggy as hell, the time will come when ppl will start to ignore you, cause you sell half products and i think it is here already.

You guys a waste of talent, stop being please.