View Full Version : Get deticated servers!!!

02-19-2017, 01:32 PM
I have at least 3 disconnects and/or errors before I get into a game and then I'll be lucky if I get to play because of the game crashing, freezing, network errors and other ********. WTF? I paid $70 for this? Didn't you ****ing beta test this? How the **** did this get released in this garbage state? Fix this ****! It's too late to refund it and I do like it. Please just make it ****ing consistently playable. That is the least you can do!

Edit: LOL! When trying to post this,the forum server **** out an error! God Ubisoft, you are ridiculous! I remember why I don't buy anything from you. Can you sell the license for this to someone else? I want to play it but you're trash.