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02-19-2017, 12:00 PM
This is so annoying... Every time I get an order to complete something in elimination mode I have to dodge or leave every skirmish game that I didnt want to enter. Even if I have preferred mode elimination game Will pop skirmish 8/10 times. Just give us the option to choose what mode we want like you did in duel&brawl. Sorry for my broken english...

02-19-2017, 12:23 PM
They don't even need to separate the game modes to fix this problem. Every time I que in deathmatch with elimination set to my preferred mode and end up getting put into a skirmish, it is because the game is already in progress and does not have enough players to be full so it replaces a bot with me. Now to fix this they only need to allow an option for disabling joining games in progress (which would already be a great feature anyways). This would allow you to set your preferred mode to whichever you like and guarantee that you are put into a lobby that has already voted for the type of game type you want to play or is in the process of voting for it, letting you cast your vote and increasing the probability you get the mode you want. Barely anyone votes for the map/game mode as it is. I usually see about 2 votes out of every 8 people in a lobby.

(or they could just separate the damn ques :p )