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02-19-2017, 11:32 AM
I found this and thought I would share. I don't care if it's been shared before or posted before. Here it is for all to see.



Question: Why is the Voice option default set to "OFF"? So many players are unaware they have to change it in order to use their mics.

For Honor is a Bad A** game. Enjoy playing it. It needs some tweaks and a couple things need an overhaul.

Opinions based on playing the game and analyzing the spreadsheet I posted above:

Guard Break counter system is F'd.
Blocking system is sketchy AF.
Orochi is OP AF - Needs nerf.
Nobushi is OP - Needs nerf.
Warden needs buff - ATK.
Conqueror needs buff - ATK. If a character description clearly says, "Strong Defense, Heavy Hitter" that character should hit for a good amount of damage.
Lawbringer needs buff. HP + ATK. Why would this character even have an attack that does 8 damage?
Kensei needs buff. HP

*Some* Characters need more attack chains or attack options, there are holes in the combat system. Those characters that have very few attack options are easily countered due to increased predictability. Yes, I understand playing the character gives one more knowledge of how to beat that character.

Button-Spamming should result in a decrease in character effectiveness and/or responsiveness. This isn't Mortal Kombat on SNES.

My opinions are based on information from the spreadsheet and from playing the game, if you can't see why I formed these opinions, re-read the spreadsheet, assuming you read it first before jumping all over this post, and play the game some more and maybe you'll understand. DGAF what anyone else says I most likely won't be back to check this thread. Brace yourselves, the Orochi's are coming.

02-22-2017, 12:15 AM
Everything you have said is wrong... Except Kensei needs a buff and Lawbringer needs a buff. Guardbreak system is already getting fixed. Other things you said reek of newbie / noob.

You can't even block properly? Orochi is one of the weakest hero in the real game (pass kids who spam and have 2 digits IQs). Warden is one of the strongest if not THE strongest hero in the real game (again... when you are playing against top level players). Which game have you actually been playing? Warden's feints and ZA is so fast, he can get three directional indicator to flash within like 1-1.5 seconds. His bash/GB mixed up is one of the few true 50/50 that doesn't need a feint game... Seriously, learn to play or think or anything... please.